The Mormon Worker
Founded in 1933 by Dorothy Day, a Catholic convert and journalist, and Peter Maurin, a French worker and scholar, the Catholic Worker Movement is grounded in a firm belief of the dignity of every human being, as taught in the Sermon on the Mount found in The New Testament. Followers of the Catholic Worker Movement are dedicated to socio-political issues including, but not limited to, nonviolence, prayer, hospitality for the homeless, the anti-war movement, voluntary poverty, racism, justice and economic equality. Day and Maurin formed the Catholic Worker with the hope of bringing about a “new society within the shell of the old, a society in which it will be easier to be good.” Read more here.

An Introduction to Mormon Anarchism
In this paper I wish to show that the consistent application of the principles expounded in Mormon scripture, should lead a person to become an anarchist. In other words, every Mormon should look forward to the abolition of government and the building of a socialist society based on free association and mutual cooperation. Attempting to argue such a case may seem perplexing, given the generally pro-capitalist, pro-government, pro-war stance of many American Mormons today. Read more here.

Mitt Romney: Mormon Presidential Candidate?

As the 2008 Presidential election nears, there is now a Mormon candidate, Mitt Romney, with a seemingly viable, though outside shot at winning the American Presidency. That Romney could perhaps become president at first seems naturally desirable to many Mormons, given the long history of anti-Mormon persecution and bigotry. Though persecution of Mormons is no longer violent, its verbal off shoots are still pervasive in American society. The election of a Mormon president, it seems, would usher the Mormon Church into a new age of respectability and give it a true place in the American mainstream. Read more here.

Revolutionary Charity

We live in a time of historical poverty. UNICEF estimates that every hour 1000 children die from easily preventable diseases and almost twice as many women die or suffer from serious disability in pregnancy or childbirth for lack of simple remedies and care. As believers and followers of Jesus Christ and as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we are taught to serve and sustain each other both temporally and spiritually. “Bear one another’s burdens, that they may be light; Yea(…)mourn with those that mourn; yea, and comfort those that stand in need of comfort.” (Mosiah 18:8). Read more here.

The Force of War and the Force of Peace. The Same Force Moving in the Opposite Direction?
Tom Fox was a Quaker peace activist who began working in Iraq in 2004. Tom was kidnapped in Baghdad in November 2005 by unknown gunmen, and was murdered four months later.
It seems as if there is a tendency to see war as a very active force and peace as a very passive one. We refer to peace in the negative- nonviolence or non-aggression. As if peace is a vacuum created when the force of war is absent. Read more here.

The Things Refuseniks Accept

Born and raised in secular Israel, once I was done with high-school at the age of 18, I was required by law to join the army, whose clever name suggests a defensive nature. Like most Israeli youths, I received my first order to see army officials for a series of tests and interviews while still in high-school, still under the influence of classes such as Holocaust and the History of the People Israel, and still under the influence of my classmates who were all going to join the army. Read more here.

War and the State
One significant reason Mormons should seek to abolish government and capitalism is the fact that States continually wage war in foreign lands for the sake of economic gain. As capital in industrialized nations accumulates and production exceeds what can be consumed domestically, the capitalist classes seek new markets abroad for direct capital investment and for the sale of excess production. Also important is the acquisition of cheap natural resources from abroad to drive industrialized production to begin with. At the behest of the capitalist classes, governments employ armies to force open these foreign markets, and compel foreign governments to provide concessions for investment and the exploitation of natural resources. Read more here.

Stewardship of the Creation

A brief perusal of the first few pages of the Bible offers several exhortations and instructions concerning the Lord’s requirements regarding our stewardship of the earth and His creations. However, revelation given through Joseph Smith (a part of which is the book of Moses which will be the focus of this article), provides a much more detailed understanding of the actual doctrines surrounding the living beings with whom we share our environment.The impassioned debate on animal rights has, up until now, involved a relatively small group of people from the LDS community. Read more here.

Noam Chomsky’s “Star System” and The Modern Neoconservative Elite
The American masses absolutely do not play a significant role in shaping foreign policy. Despite the ubiquitous rhetoric celebrating vague notions of “democracy” and “freedom,” the important decision making in these matters is done by the very elite. This is done without much resistance because we have collectively rejected the idea that the masses are intelligent enough to analyze, critique, and decide on complicated foreign policy matters. Indeed, we live in a country where many citizens would be hard-pressed to even find the country that was invaded and occupied to this day by their consent. Read more here.